Research areas

Currently, we are working towards Blockchain Technology to build a distributed decentralized secure trusted environment model for Intelligent Networks and peer-to-peer data transmission in real-time-based applications.

The Blockchain Research Group focuses to develop Distributed, Decentralized, Secure, Trusted Environment Model (DD-STEM) for Intelligent Technologies such as intelligent vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Internet of Things (IoT), Software Engineering, and Industrial internet (Industry 4.0), with tight coupling between existing mechanisms for tackling the problems of security, privacy-data oriented Intelligent Networks. The revolutions of information security in communications and pervasive network technologies have made sensible and controllable things around us. Currently, we are working towards Blockchain Technology to build a distributed decentralized secure trusted environment model for Intelligent Networks and peer-to-peer data transmission in real-time-based applications. Mainly, we are focusing on the following major research fields:

Blockchain for intelligent vehicles

This research focuses to develop a secure trusted environment for intelligent (autonomous/Self-driving) vehicular communication. It’s built a decentralized distributed Secure trusted peer-to-peer environment model for intelligent vehicles.





In this research, our team is working on depth analysis of Industry 4.0 revolution and blockchain technology, as recent evolution, for building next-generation secure decentralized, distributed and trusted Industry Environment with enhancing the productivity of industries and also guarantee Industrial internet (Industry 4.0) a transparent, reliable, secure environment for people, processes, systems, and services in the upcoming industrial world.


In this research project, our team introduces a prospective solution employing blockchain technology, which incorporates a Turing complete programming language with smart contract computing functionality. It is elaborated that permits the formation of organizations where participants preserve straight real-time checks of contributed collects and governance policies are formalized, automatized, and imposed using the software. DAOs are considered to agree to the expectation of the business work.


   Software Engineering is providing a development process of any software with any interruption as we know software engineering has multiple steps and it always needs modification and changes in each stage. The development is sometimes miscommunicated due to inconsistency, incompleteness, non-verifiability, and difference of opinion among different stakeholders. Every new discussion with customers and stakeholders brings up new ideas, which is very challenging for the software engineers to maintain the consistency and verifiability with the previously recorded information. Neither the customers nor stakeholders account for what they said, what they are saying, and what they actually want. Using systematic manual analysis or an executable model to check development is not enough. There is an emergent need for open transparent and verifiable platform networks like blockchain for customers, stakeholders, and software engineers for communicating, collaborating, and collecting their ideas, thoughts, and requirements clearly and coming up to a consensus. This will help software engineers to clearly analyze and elicit verifiable, traceable, comprehensible for the system, which can maximally comply with the needs of all the customers and stakeholders involved with the software system. Therefore, Blockchain can play a very important role in the software engineering domain. The blockchain technology has four key points (Consensus, Cryptography, Smart contract, and ledger) they can build the secure distributed and decentralized bond during the software engineering process.


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In this research, our team makes the combination of AI and blockchain technologies have paved the way for many stable systems that support the interaction of multiple agents; therefore, providing an excellent platform for safe and secure data management, storage, and transfer.


This research focuses on the infrastructure of IoT, which based on Blockchain and develops compatible consensus, cryptography, and ledger with a smart contract for IoT applications and also builds a secure trusted environment with low cost, low energy consumption. The research perspective and implications efficient blockchain technology-based distributed, decentralized secure intelligent trustable internet of things system, not limited to the following issues: