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The research on Blockchain Technology group focuses to develop Distributed, Decentralized, Secure, Trusted Environment Model (DD-STEM) for Intelligent Technologies such as Intelligent vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Engineering and Industrial internet with tight coupling between existing mechanisms for tackling the problems of security, privacy-data oriented Intelligent Networks. The revolutions of information security in communications and pervasive network technologies have made sensible and controllable things around us. Currently, we are working towards the Blockchain Technology to build a distributed decentralized secure trusted environment model for Intelligent Networks and peer-to-peer data transmission in real-time-based applications. Mainly, we are focusing on following major research fields:


  • Blockchain for Intelligent Vehicles (IV-Blocks)

  • Blockchain for Artificial Intelligence (Block-AI)

  • Blockchain for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

  • Blockchain for the Internet of Things (B-IoT)

  • Blockchain for Software Engineering (Block-SE)

  • Blockchain for Industry 4.0

  • Blockchain for Intelligent Networks (Block-In-Nets


Madhusudan Singh, Ph.D., SMIEEE

    Director/ReBlockchain Group
    Assistant Professor

    Department of Technology Studies (미래기술)

    Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea

    Distinguished Speaker/ IEEE Computer Society

    Visiting Research Professor

    Seamless Transportation Lab

    Yonsei University, Song-Do, Incheon, South Korea



 Madhusudan Singh (SMIEEE) is an Assistant Professor/Director of Research on Blockchain (ReBlockchain) Group in School of Technology Studies, Endicott College of International Studies at Woosong University (WSU) (2018 ~). Before joining the WSU, he worked as a Research Professor in YICT (2018) and Senior Engineer in the Next Generation Team R&D at Samsung Display, South Korea (2016). Dr. Singh received his master’s degree in IT with a specialization in Software Engineering from IIIT-Allahabad, India (2008), and a Doctoral degree in Ubiquitous IT from Dongseo University, South Korea (2012). He is a senior member of the IEEE and Distinguished speaker of the IEEE Computer Society and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). He is an author of multipple articles, patents, and books. He is an active member of IEEE, ACM, and Springer societies to serve as a Keynote Speaker/Editor/Reviewer/TPC members. He is a series editor in chief of Blockchain Technologies titled springer book Series. He has organized several workshops within the major IEEE conferences. Dr. Singh is the CTO of Coikosity, which is a leading blockchain technology with AI startup for future Innovative technology. His research interest in the field of Blockchain Technology, Automotive Cybersecurity, Intelligent Vehicles, Industry 4.0, and Data Science.